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    Here is a brief article about Thiamin and stuttering. It sure doesn’t
    help everyone but some people do get a lot of help from it. I am one
    of the lucky ones that it works for. After this article was written
    it was noted that some extra magnesium helped the thiamin work even
    better. I taxe 100 mg of thiamin and 100mg of magnesium 3 times a day.
    I have noticed about a 60% reduction in my stuttering. In stead of the
    thiamin hydrocloride used in the study I am using thiamin mononitrate
    it’s a lot easier to find and it works well for me.




    I posted about this on a couple of other places too and am realy disapointed that
    so few people will give this a try. Sure it doesn’t help everone the article makes that
    clear that it only helps about 30% of the people who try it. Is it expensive? Well
    here in the U.S.A. a bottle of 100 250 mg B1 tablets that I break into thirds cost
    about $3.50 at Wallmart. So that $ 3.50 bottle of B1 should last a little over 3 months. I started just taking the B1 and noticed some inprovement in about a week
    or so. Then there was an addition to the article saying magnesium helped it even more.
    So after I started taking it with magnesium it worked even better so after about one
    month my blocks were reduced about 60% now after another month my blocks have reduced
    even more. I quess I am only stuttering about 1/4 as much as I did when I started 2
    months ago. Again it only seems to help about 30% of us and I seem to be one of the
    lucky ones but what do you have to lose? If it doesn’t help you, you would only
    be out about $ 3.50 + tax.



    Besides B1, many people swear by B12, and there is some support that stutters need B6. Well, it’s possible to get a combination of exactly that (B1, B6, and B12) in ampules and you can inject it yourself for maximum absorption. I believe the combination also comes in tablet form if you hate the thought of injecting yourself.


    Well Woody, I just started on the B1 yesterday. I take a supplement with 200mg of Mg twice a day. I have every appendage crossed in hopes that this will help reduce stuttering in my speech.

    The article you referenced on this stated results were seen in two weeks. When did you notice a difference?




    Randy, I noticed a verry small calming effect from the first day but
    it took 3 or 4 days to realy notice any real difference and still this
    was not much perhaps 20% less stuttering. By the time I got to 2 weeks
    I seemed to be stuttering about 40% less than at the start. I continued
    taking it for 2 or 3 weeks more and didn’t get any further reduction in
    my stuttering. About this time I started taking some magnesium and this
    slowley started to help even more. After taking it for about a month my
    stuttering decreased about 30% more the following month maby another 10%
    but it seems to have stalled out at reducing my stuttering about 80%. But
    shoot I didn’t realy keep notes all I know is it helped me a great deal.
    Now if I forget to take the thiamin and magnesium for a day or so i will
    have a little more trouble that day. You may be different but I realy did
    not seem to get any benifit from taking a high streignth multivitamin. Oh!
    avoiding caffene makes this work better.

    Mark, I have just started taking a little b6 and b12 but I am real leary
    of taking thiamin as an injection. At least with thiamin HCL there are rare
    cases of seizures when given as an injection.



    Been taking B1 (3x 100mg tablets a day) for 3 weeks now, not noticed any improvement, infact I’m probably a little worse cos I’ve been more self-conscious about stuttering. Anyway I’ll finish the bottle which will take me to the end of the month, but yeah, no joy here 🙁



    I have been taking 300-400mg of vitamin B1 for almost 4 weeks now. Haven’t noticed any improvement.



    Fearfall, sorry to hear it didn’t help you but the study did
    say it only helps about 30% of us. And as Schwartz said if it
    doesn’t help in 2 weeks it just won’t help you. I am glad you
    at least tried it. And to anyone else who wants to try it it
    is verry inportant to take it 3 times a day. Taking 100mg 3 times
    a day lets your body absorb almost 3 times as much as taking it
    all at once.



    Hi, Im new on here. My stammer had got significantly worse over the past 6 months, the only way I can describe it is that it went from mainly psychological to mainly physical (even stammered when alone).

    Anyway thought I would give B1 a try. I am a small woman, so taking 200mg/day twice a day, plus a transdermal mag spray. Been taking it for 10 days.

    By day 2 and 3, my stammer reduced by 80%. Could not believe it! Thought may be placebo effect, but felt so strong. So day 4 & 5 did not take it and stammer back really bad. Taking it consistently now for 5 days and I would say my stammer has improved dramatically, probably overall by at least 60%. Any blocks are so much easier to control. I am quite shocked really, just hope it lasts… Im used to avoiding speaking, I still have the old stammering behaviours, it seems wierd (but wonderful) to be (mainly) fluent!!

    For those who tried and succeeded with B1 and Mag, has the effect lasted?



    Starry, glad it worked for you. I have been using it about 6 months and it still works fine for me. I really had heard about this years ago but didn’t know about taking it more than once a day. I could feel it if I took it once a day but it only lasted an hour or so and really didn’t seem worth it. But taking it 3 times a day was a whole made it work for me all day. And now if I skip a day maybe 30% of my stuttering comes back that day. Peter Louw also has some post about one potential problem with fluency. After a while our subconscious can sort of rebel ‘ I am a PWS therefore I stutter why aren’t I stuttering something must be wrong etc. This finally hit me a couple of days ago and it can be scary thinking when is this going to let me down and I grew up being the kid who stutters now who am I? You may want to pass this along on some of the Facebook stuttering pages I have but it seems noone believes something like this could work.



    Been taking it 6 months or so hasn’t let me down yet.
    Except for like you when I forgot to use it. Looks like
    you were in the lucky 30% it helps,



    I block where my throat seizes up with tension. I can control it some with breathing techniques but I’m not fluent.
    Tried taking 250mg a day for 6 days and I was markedly worse.



    I recently research b1 vitamin for anxiety(the main cause for stuttering,at least for me) and in one of the websites they said taking 500mg 3x a day(so 1500mg) helps with anxiety greatly.So there you have it y’all up the intake of the vitamin.I going to try it with a 50 b complex as well magnesium,so I will report it in like 1 month.Increase the intake everyone!
    So up the dose with a rubber hose!!! LOL HAHA 😉



    Hi Woody,

    Is there any way you can tell me the exact brand and kind of products you are using ?

    Are you still getting good results ?

    thanks in advance.



    I just go to Wallmart and buy a bottle of Spring Valley B1 .
    Well it comes as 250 mg tablets and I break them into roughly
    3 pieces. The body can only absorb a tiny amount of B1 at one
    time I believe this is in the 2 to 5 mg range then it only absorbs
    a small amount of anything over that. I can’t find the exact
    figures but it works out that that 500mg tablet isn’t going to
    be hardly any better than taking 50 to 150 mg. And in this case
    it might not be good to take that high potiency multivitamin. It
    seems that in some people vitamin B2 (riboflavin) may cause us to
    stutter more. And I hate to say this but taking a lot of omega3
    (fish oil) can also make our stutering worse. I am not saying
    don’t eat cold water fish just you might not want to take suplimental
    fish oil on a daily basis. Yes I still take it and it seems to still
    take care of about 90% or more of my stuttering and make using fluency
    enhancers easier to use if I try to use them. Oh I do take about 300mg
    of magnesium cloride a day too.

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