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    My name is Linda Hurkot and I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I am looking forward to joining your forum. I am very interested in the disorder of stuttering, specifically in adults. I want to learn more about the variances, thoughts and emotions that are so real for PWS. First, I want to share something with you, though. Ever since my undergraduate training in this disorder, where we had to experience what it was like to stutter while talking with another person, I have been curious and intrigued with stuttering. The poignant memory of what it felt like for me to stutter as well as the reaction of the listener was deeply engraved in my mind. I realized over the years in this career, that programs to reduce stuttering were not very successful, in general and for the long term. My passion to find a method that would be natural, consider the many aspects and personality traits of the PWS was realized as I began creating my program, Easy Speaking for Stutterers. The foundation is based on new understandings in neuroplasticity and brain rewiring as well as conventional speech therapy intervention techniques. It is a unique program bringing answers to the challenges that adults who stutter face. I would like to make a difference in the lives of PWS.

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