Does stuttering count as a disability in Canada ?

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    I’m in the process of looking for an IT job, and I’ve noticed 95% of the forms ask you if you’re a person with a disability. The Canadian charter deems a stutter to be a form of disability depending on the severity and the written evidence from a licensed practitioner. I know none of us like to think of ourselves as disabled, but when i call to inquire about an open position with a corporation and they hang up on me because they think I disconnected i feel pretty damn limited.

    I did some digging mostly on the t2201 tax form.

    It pretty much states that in order to qualify under the speaking clause you need to be restricted 90% of the time.

    This legislation was changed in 2005 to include Cumulative effect of significant restrictions.

    Basically if your stutter prevents you from performing an every day activity like speaking say 50% of the time, and you suffer from anxiety or significant stress 40% of the time the two cumulatively would qualify you for a tax break.

    I would really like to hear from other people who have applied to jobs and marked disabled on the application form. Do you think it helped/hindered you ? Have you received any compensation for your stutter ?



    Greg Lowe

    This is an old post, but I will reply.

    Being an I.T. manager and serving member in Canada’s Military who stutters most of the time. I can say do whatever makes your life easer. My pride got the better of me, I would fight up hill all the time. Trying to prove that I was as good or better then the next guy. Most of the time I was, knowledge, practical wise. But, no matter how hard I tried, I was always insulted because of my speech. Most of the insults came from the people I showed up.

    I’m in the process of Appling for the “Disability Tax Credit”. Being mid forties and living with this for 40 plus years has taken a toll on me. Keep in mind having a disability statues, will help you get a government job.

    If anything, try and get the Tax Credit.

    Keep your head up and fight on my friend.




    Stuttering is eligible for the disability tax credit and I was successful in getting it. But there is confusion among medical doctors since many stutters do not stutter every single time we talk. I got this answer from a disability tax expert that helped my medical doctor: although the symptoms may vary, the condition exists all time. Thus, it meets the criteria (of affecting us 90% of the time).

    It is also important to look beyond the medical diagnostic and see how stuttering affects a person in their every day life. I am also in my mid 40s and this has taken my toll on me too since childhood.

    I am glad to get the disability tax credit as well as the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

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