Block stuttering, can’t get words out.

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m male early 30’s, and sometimes I just can’t get the words I am thinking out of my mouth. It’s at it worst when I’m speaking on the phone. I get a bit worked up as I think I’m going to block, and sometimes that just makes it worse.

    I do get speech blocks speaking to people face to face, but it’s normally people I don’t know very well, or when I feel anxious or stressed at the time.

    Normally I have to try and think of a different word and use that, but sometimes there isn’t a word, or what I say doesn’t make sense. Sometimes I can’t even say hello when speaking on the phone!

    Starting a sentence is normally the worst, but once I have dealt with that, I am normally pretty fluent.

    I’d really appreciate any advice.



    I am the same way. Sometimes I have a hard time even saying yes or okay. I usually block ok vowels and my speech goes from a 10 to a -5 when I talk on the phone. Usually people notice I stutter only when I’m on the phone. If it’s someone I know, I’m fluent if it isn’t I stutter so bad. My boyfriend has seen it and he was so surprised because I never stutter in front of him only on the phone. It has made my job impossible. I’ve quit many jobs and am having hard time with anxiety, I have to speak on the phone with the jobs I get which is usually front desk. I know when my self esteem is high I am less likely to stutter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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