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    I find myself both saddened and shocked, having read posts on this site. – – I feel for everyone on this site and identify with the struggle. – I am shocked at the lack of information that people have on stuttering. So many posts talk about CURE and people advocating tricks to HIDE the stuttering. –It is really insane.- – I along with all of you, have tried EVERYTHING. There is NO CURE. People cl to be FORMER stutterers, and then in the very next snetence they talk about changing the tone of their voices, talking less, etc. — This IS NOT A CURE– You are simply HIDING your stuttering.
    I feel quite passonate about this because I know it is possible to be an OVERT, DIGNIFIED stutterer. —Trying ot convince people , who dont know the science and nature of stuttering, that a cure is possible, well, is just really disgusting. — We have a neurologically based disorder that is not understood very well. – – I have used all the tricks… they ALL eventaully lose their power. — Dont be a false prophet! Research stuttering and find out what is really going on.



    Hey Amey, I am pretty shocked reading through this forum also. But I have a question for you. What do you think the research tells us about stuttering?



    There does always seem to be a lot of negativity about stuttering on forums. I think it is because people like to vent and we like to hear it to help and support. I am fairly overt and dignified myself as you put it. I am also in my mid-30s and may have learnt a little in life by now. Yes there is no blanket sure but I do not doubt that at times some individuals do get cured. I have met one myself who did one single McGuire course and never stuttered again. One course! She is the only one I have ever met though. She is cured in the sense that she does not physically stutter and more importantly she has no fear in her mind that she may stutter.



    stuttering can be traced back to the times of the ancient Egyptians, who specifically describe stuttering through hieroglyphics. since then we have obviously found solutions, but not cures. if it’s taken us thousands (or even millions) of years to find solutions, highly doubt an actual CURE will come in our lifetime.

    the reason why we haven’t found a cure yet is because we still don’t have concrete facts on the cause of stuttering. it is the biggest scientific mystery.

    pagoclone should be coming out this year (i hope). i would spend my entire life savings on pagoclone because that’s how much my speech means to me. with suttering attached to my life, i am not myself.



    amey I agree that it’s probably best for people not to hide their stuttering, but a cure at some point in the future is not impossible.




    I would’ve thought the problem was psychological, since I only stutter when I talk to conscious people. When alone or talking to babies (I have a nephew) I don’t stutter, I haven’t tried talking to sleeping people or animals lol, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t stutter. Also when I use to emulate talking to people for practice, as in talking like there’s someone there when there actually isn’t (hard to explain), I still stuttered.
    I hope that made sense -_-‘ .



    @forvrkate 43677 wrote:

    amey I agree that it’s probably best for people not to hide their stuttering, but a cure at some point in the future is not impossible.


    Kate, I totally agree with you. A cure in the future is not impossible. I pray for a cure like anyone else.- -But, there are people completely devoting there energy and time, to taking some ones advice, who may have moments of fluency and believe they found a cure.- – My life is now. I stutter now. I have spent, like most stutterers, a great deal of my life focused on ONE thought—“How do I make this quit or How can I avoid letting people see it”. I am just promoting the idea of moving past these ideas and dealing with the situation…What can we do NOW to make our stuttering experience better?? Know what I mean??




    I remember “amey”. She is the contrapart of the kind of Mark Baldwin here. She is for me, not saying it as an offense, the most disgusting kind of stutterer: who stutters angrily into the face of others that she’s normal, that God made her like that, that “w-w-we’re eq-eeeq-eeequal” and so on – with a distorted face.

    But Hans says, that we indeed are all equal, nicht wahr? Yes, but a stutterer DOES NOT see and feel it that way: a stutterer LIES, advocating stutterer rights and equality. And there is a huge difference. They could become really equal, but for that they should accept firstly the shame, the unequality, that they are really SICK, – wheather their sickness is really stuttering or not… (It’s not.)

    It’s a christian thing, often. When I’m sick, I don’t go out on the street preaching: “It doesn’t matter I’m sick, we’re all the same under God; hey slow down!!”, reaching toward the arms of the healthy. No, when I’m sick, I do everything, silently, alone and with professional help, to be healthy, normal, equal, great, living again. I kill even God, if I have to: never surrendering to the bullshit of “everyone is equal”. If God teaches THAT: then he has to die.

    In the name of my sickness and ugliness: I devote myself to life and beauty.



    Philostam is about the only sane, well-adjusted person here, even though he sounds harsh and cruel.
    He is no such thing. He has found the answer.
    No tricks, no self-pity, no pretending, no hate.
    He is responsible for what comes out of his mouth.
    And that’s all there is to it.



    “We have a neurologically based disorder that is not understood very well.”

    It is similar to trying to repair a watch that doesn’t work. If you don’t know how it works, you just “bang” it.



    You want to speak fluently?
    Step back, out of your head.
    Step into the real world.
    Stay there.
    It is good!

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